What's The Secret To Great Pizza?

Is it the cheese? Maybe. Is it the sauce? Possibly. Or is it a perfectly crispy crust? We think it’s the perfect combination of all three! Everyone has their own secret formulas to building the perfect pizza. Let Performance Foodservice-ROMA help provide you with all the ingredients you need for that perfect pie! For cheese, give our Bacio cheese a try. Bacio is the ultimate pizza cheese - with a kiss of buffalo milk - that not only provides the stretch you want, but reheats to perfection. As for the sauce - no matter what your recipe, whether concocted after years of slaving over the stove, or handed down through the family, Roma Food has the exclusive products to make that recipe shine.

And the crust? We've got the flour, and the recipe direct from Italy. Our Roma 00 Flour yields a crust that is sure to please. And while you are at it - try our Tres Latte White Pizza with our exclusive Short Rising Dough Ball recipe and watch the crust shine through with the perfect gooey cheesiness.



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