Mickey’s Top Sirloin

Three generations of the Broncucia family have worked the land where Mickey’s Top Sirloin stands today in Denver, Colorado. Mickey Broncucia’s grandfather built a house, raised a family and crops on this spot back when it was open prairie. Both Mickey and his father were born and raised on the property. Mickey’s father opened a grocery store on the corner. And nearly 45 years ago, Mickey had an idea to open a restaurant and bar serving Italian food. This restaurant has evolved into Mickey’s Top Sirloin, now famous for their excellent steaks – served with a side of spaghetti.  Mickey hand-cuts all his steaks, only USDA choice. He ages it and personally oversees all the processing. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can find Mickey in his cut shop cutting bone-in and boneless steaks with his band saw and grinder. Mickey proudly serves Braveheart, stating that he’s never seen beef so consistently high-quality and well-trimmed as the Braveheart product. Area Manager Arnie Sax calls on the account 2-3 times per week , keeping Mickey abreast of the ups and downs of the beef market. 

In 2005, Mickey and Stacy Hamilton (his grand-daughter & general manager) built a brand new, larger building on-site to house their growing restaurant business. The walls in the dining room are adorned with pictures of a wide variety of cattle, creating an authentic steakhouse feel. For those looking for a less subdued atmosphere, the full menu is offered in the adjoining 55 seat bar where you can enjoy a steak while catching a sporting event on one of the many TV’s. 

In his spare time, you can find Mickey out at his on-site Bocce court practicing for his league’s next match.


Mickey's Top Sirloin
6950 N. Broadway Denver, Colorado 80221
303.426.5881 or 303.428.3090